Sunday, October 16, 2016

Northside Drive, Bennington, Vermont and my new space!


   Yesterday I drove over to Bennington, I wanted to end up  at Leslie Parke's opening at the Bennington Museum, and I thought I'd paint on the way over there.  On any given drive I see things I'd like to paint, I found this on Northside Drive, a strip road, now with a new Walmart, fast food, gas stations and a gun shop.

     #876  Northside Dr. Bennington, VT.                      10-15-16                                 11x12

     Here is my scene, I'm just off the main road, at a Y intersection, that doesn't get much traffic, so it felt safe.

                   The Money Shot.

       Today I painted some walls!   Ever since I got the word that I'd have to stay away from lead, in late May, I've been working little by little to clean and re-organize my carpentry/ window shop into a painting studio.  It's taken some time and a lot of effort, throwing a lot of stuff out, or on the burn pile,  I got rid of some tools I never used, and stuff I would never need.  I vacuumed up dust.

                                                                             A pile of waste paint.

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