Sunday, October 2, 2016

Parking Day!

              Parking Day, Albany, NY.  Friday September 16. "Parking Day" is a thing, takes place world-wide on the third Friday each September, metered parking spaces are re-purposed for other public uses.

             Albany Center Galleries and Tony Iadiciccio, their director, sponsored  the event, their web site is here:   On Tuesday, the 13th, picked out a spot along the Tricentennial Square, and practiced up on a cityscape.  So Friday morning I went right to my spot:

    This is my space I'm on Steuben St. looking West on Broadway. The light and shadows were severe, and I'm not sure the scene needed the post on the right.  I liked the cars parked in the shadow of the building across the street, but the street trees didn't get light on them until afternoon, just before I finished, and the light doesn't make sense with the rest of the shadow.

                  #856  Broadway @ Steuben St. Albany, NY.                     9-16-16                     14x16

That was the morning.  I went for lunch, talked with some of my fellow parkers, and moved a few spaces up the street.

          This spot is at Steuben St. and James St. the light was moving quickly, and so the shadows, but the bright light on the building at the end of the street stayed.

                        #857 James St. @ Steuben, Albany, NY.                      9-16-16                         14x16

    In the morning as I started down the road, I had a short-lived panic attack: what I was getting myself into?  would there be crowds? an audience?  But as soon as I got there I realized there were no crowds, and the few who passed by, were lovely and respectful.  A perfect day in all respects!

    So now I think I learned how to reduce the jpegs so they can be uploaded to this blog, things will go back to normal, whatever that is!

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