Thursday, December 29, 2016

Finished November paintings.

     Finally I'm posting the finished paintings for November.  Not the most productive month, but I was able to do 19 paintings, (14 are below) with one from another painting, a practice that I'm still deciding if I like. It also included a trip to Cape Cod, and even in total overcast, the ocean is wonderful to be next to even if just a short time. Mostly I worked on getting my studio/gallery ready for it's "grand opening".  It involved closing up the largest of the drafts, putting up "walls" so I could hang work, some with shelves for un-framed work, and to finalize the cleaning of clutter from the window restoration work that I gave up. They are for sale, send a message, if you're local come and visit!

    Here they are:

                            #882 Pearl St.                         11-1-16                          16x20

                                #885 Sheilds Rd. Jackson, NY.                11-6-16                         12x9

                                    #887 Tiasoke Farm                             11-8-16                           14x16

                        #888 Park Place.                                     11-8-16                                      9x12

                              #889 B'way @ Main St. Salem. NY                11-10-16                            12x16

                            #890 Mill St. Greenwich,                         11-12-16                       11x14

                   #891 Waits Hill Rd. White Creek, NY                         11-13-16                    14x16

                                #894 Studio Pearl St.                              11-21-16                             16x20

                        #895 Battenkill @ Center Falls.                      11-21-16                          14x16

                     #896 Cambridge Rd.                      11-23-16                               12x16

                         #897 Peir, Provincetown, MA.                      11-26-16                      14x16

                         #898 Peir from beach, Provincetown, MA.             11-26-16                      12x16

                           #899 Pier, Provincetown, MA.                    11-27-16                               8x10

                           #900 Erie Canal Lock 3, Waterford, NY.                  11-28-16                  16x18  

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