Thursday, December 22, 2016

From flowers to oil transports and everything in between, 9 painting mega blog!

    Over the last 11 days we've had some pretty cold weather and with some snow. I'm enjoying my new space, and burning wood to keep it warmer than the outside, but today I was outside, we got fresh snow this morning, it was 30 plus degrees and I felt warm.
                    #914 CR 74a Greenwich, NY.                    11-22-16                                11x12

  This is the second floral still life ever, so it's a new genre for me, I liked working when I could, and not when the weather or light told me to go, and I didn't mind that!

                                              #913 flowers                       12-21-16              16x14

   The clouds seemed intractable, and that was one thing I hated to do, was paint in the cloudy weather, but we had snow on the ground, and that helps, so I went up to the battenkill. along the road to Shushan. This was Tuesday.

                                  #912  battenkill @ Pooks.                 11-20-16                                   12x16

    Monday I went to drop off a painting at the Albany Center Galleries, It's their member's show and they have to take something.  I used it as an opportunity to paint in Albany, and it was a chilly day, so I found a spot, just of of downtown, I thought the waterfront could be windy.

    Here is my set up, you may recall I participated in Parking Day in September, sponcered by Albany Center Gallery, today I had my own parking day.

                                      #911   N. Pearl St.  Albany, NY.                      11-19-16                          9x12

                  This next one is a real dud. Well still learning!

            #910  Hoosic River @ Buskirk                               11-16-16                                    7x10

It was cold, and tis is what the back of the van looks like then it's cold.

This is the third time I've painted from a painting, and I think I'm getting the idea, but we'll see how it goes. The painting on the easel was done in September and is 11 x 12. The painting on the wall is 16x18, and I essentially adapted the sight size concept to paint from the original.
             #909 Studio McClay Rd. Greenwich, NY.                      11-15-16                                16x18

This is from Wednesday a week ago.

       #909  Birch Hill Ln.                                          11-14-16                                                       11x12

I took another trip to Albany, this time it was topick up a bunch of paintings I had taken to the offices of the Community Foundation. I've wanted to paint in the Port of Albany for some time now.

          #907  Port of Albany.                                     11-13-16                                       12x16

                              #906 Pointsetta                         11-12-16              14x11    

   So that's in 9 paintings over the last 11 days, with a wide range of subjuct, thanks for comming with me!

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