Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Finished June Paintings!

       Here are the paintings from June, not my usual output, but with all the other stuff, like roofs to fix and kids to prepare for college and shows to prepare for, it's not too bad.  The place has gotten pretty green, especially with the deluge of rain we've had, but I managed to bring in other colors by virtue of subject matter. What I choose to paint are the scenes I see driving around, on my way to and from doing other things, returning later to see if the light is right, other times I'm wandering the countryside looking often times much longer than I'd care to admit.  Thanks for looking!

 #1007  Edge House,  Blue Mountain Lake, NY.  6-1-17  12x16 

#1008  S.R.28  Indian lake, NY  6-1-17  11x14 

 #1009  Gas station, Hoosick Falls, NY. 6-2-17  9x12

  #1010  Outfront, W. Main St.  6-4-17  11x12

#1011  Ford Ave.  6-7-17  12x16 

#1012  Abott Rd.  East Pittstown, NY.  6-9-17  14x16 

#1013  Spring St.  6-10-17  11x12

 #1014  Railyard, Greenwich, NY.  6-11-17  12x16 

 #1015  Battenkill @ Center Falls.  6-12-17  14x16

 #1016  Battenville, NY.  6-13-17  14x16 

 #1017  Erie Canal lock #12   6-14-17  12x16

 #1018  Carlisle St. Amsterdam, NY  6-14-17  11x14

#1019  Kenyon Hill Rd.  Greenwich, NY.  6-18-17  9x12

#1020  Depot St.  Greenwich, NY.  6-21-17  14x16

 #1021  Hoosic River @ Johnsonville, NY.  6-24-17  12x16 

#1022  Waite Rd., Easton, NY  6-25-17  14x16

 #1023  English Rd.  6-28-17  11x12

Sunday, July 23, 2017

By mighty rivers and gentle creeks, on city streets and country lanes, rail yards and forests!

Here are a series of photos taken of my set up on location, I take a picture like this most times that I'm out there, they represent the variety of scenes that I'm drawn to, and variety is the spice of life!

Greenwich, railyard. 

Mohawk River and a view of Tribes Hill, Erie canal lock 11

Looking down Carlisle St. in Amsterdam, NY.

Kenyon Rd. Greenwich, NY.

Looking down Depot St, Greenwich, NY.

Hoosic River @ Johnsonville, NY.

English Rd. 

Near Hess pond, Inlet, NY.

Downtown Inlet, NY.

Back Bay, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY.

Delavan Rd. White Creek, NY.

3rd Lake Creek, Old Forge, NY.

Corner of High and Danforth St. Hoosick Falls, NY.

My usual posts have been too long diverted, and otherwise documenting them impractical, with so much at hand, all good I assure you, If you have any questions feel free to ask.  I will post the finished June paintings soon,  Thanks!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Finished May paintings

        Here are the paintings from May.  It's a hectic time, I'll be installing my Adirondack Lakes center for the arts show, in the beautiful  hamlet of Blue Mountain Lake, the opening on Saturday, July 8th 5-7, and hosting an open studio on the weekend of July 15 and 16!

 #989  Cemetery Ctr Cambridge Rd.         5-1-17         8x10

#990  E. Main St.       5-2-17        12x9 

 #991  S. Union St.        5-3017         8x10

 #992  Merrimac St. Boston, MA       5-8-17        10x8

#993  Blue Mountain Lake from trail        5-10-17        9x12

#994  Lake front, Blue Mtn. Lake        5-10-17       9x12

#995  Broad @ spring St.        5-11-17        8x10

 #996  Outback        5-11-17         8x10

#997  Rail Yard  Cambridge, NY.         5-12-17        16x18

#998  Mowry park      5-23-17       8x10

#999  Duel Hollow Rd.           5-17-17        7x10

 #1000  Delavan Rd.         5-19-17         11x14 

#1001  Lee's Crossing Rd.        5-20-17       12x16  

#1002  Main and Park        5-23-17        14x16 

#1003  Pearl St.        5-24-17        11x12 

 #1004  Rail car, Walloomsac, NY.        5-28-17         9x12

#1005  Phlox in whisky bottle         5-30-17        12x9

#1006  Wood Park, Hoosick Falls, NY.        5-31-17       14x16

Monday, June 26, 2017

The here and now, there and then.


       Some of the simplest things are the most difficult.  Getting to the place where I can actually focus on something to discover the essence of that thing, and to see and feel that essence without the noise of all the things that are not that essence, to get to that place, even for a moment is divine.  I will loose track of time, forget where I am and all the crap and scuzz of life, for just a few moments, I'm in the zone, the color, the sound, I don't feel my body, forget my pain, fall into the abyss.

       I've become addicted to this, my brain has. To feed this addiction, I go out and seek it. It is a process I know well. Find a place with a good view (or any view), compose a piece of it to image on my panel, mix some paint and put it on the panel.  It doesn't take long.  It doesn't need to be perfect, I let the scene tell me what to do and I do it.  Paint value and color like I see, but of course different, scene to eye, eye to pallet, pallet to panel, panel to scene, and on like that so I don't have to think too much.  It's uncanny, when I get to a point when the light and scene changes and the loop jars me out of the stupor.  It's a drug. A dream.  I wake and return to my life, go to the grocery, or pick up my kid or right home.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Open Studio Weekend, 1000 painting celebration!

          Saturday and Sunday, July 15 and 16, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
138 West Main St. Cambridge, NY 12816 

     Join me in celebrating 1000 local plein-air paintings completed in the last 5 years!  

    Happening concurrently with the Open Studio Tour of Washington County, their link is here:

     Please don't hesitate to comment or ask questions, Thank You!