Sunday, January 8, 2017

9 paintings, 1 drawing, a statement, a new year and snow! another mega-blog!

   I'm staying inside this weekend with a sore throat and general blahness, but the last couple of weeks I've spent a lot of time out in the cold and snow, painting and all that and I've loved it!
       My studio has a wood stove, so I can keep the coldest temperatures outside, and I can work at night with artificial light and that's been great! There are shows coming up and submissions to send out, and many other tasks to complete.  It's all good and I must count my blessings, I know lots of people would like to have what I have and I don't ever want to take that for granted, nor you, my dear readers, thanks!

       Friday there was fresh snow in the morning, and mostly sunny skies, so I went out twice! This, the afternoon painting a combine parked in a field, one I had seen the other day driving by.

                                          #923  Brownell Corners Rd.                       1-6-17                          11x12

     Earlier in the day there were big clouds, and plenty of sun, this is Reafield Farm Rd. a scene and an area I've painted a lot.

                                     #922 Reafield Farm Rd.                            1-06-17                         11x14

                                            This is my winter studio.

                                 Here, in downtown Cambridge NY......

       .........there were some shadows from time to time, raking across the snow-covered lawn, a scene I had done in August, even tho you can hardly see them here.

                                About 1/2 way.

                      #921 Varak Park,                                    1-2-17                                             12x16

                               #835  Varak Park,                           8-17-16                                       12x16

                                                    This is Chamberlin Mills Rd, in Hebron, NY.

                         #920   Chamberlin Mills Rd.  Hebron, NY.                    1-1-17                          14x16

              This painting was done right out back, by the Cambridge Creek, here is a quick progression:

                      #919 Cambridge Creek, Outback.                             12-31-16                            12x16

     This is looking south down Pearl St, the building on the right is the old press building and part of Varak Park and the opposite side of the one 2 above. The building on the left is the fire house.

     It was cloudy but there was a little luminosity in the background,  it back lit and reflected in my scene. I liked the warmth of this light as it contrasted with the coolness of the rest, at least that's what I was aiming for.

                                   #918   Pearl St.                                      12-30-16                                         14x16

         On the left is a plein air painting I did in October, it's 9x12 and closer to me than the one on the right which I just did,  it's 16x20, and I set it up sight-size.

                                    #917  Studio Scotch Hill  Rd.                  12-29-16                                   16x20

        This is a sight-size drawing of a foot I had made(and cast in plaster) some time around 1991, I like to do this like a little exercise, to attempt to keep in shape!  12-28-16

     Here is my excellen studio with another painting from a painting in progress, although I'm still not convinced this is a good way to paint, I think the results are not bad.

                                     The set up.

                                 #916 Studio Dunbar Rd.                           12-24-16                               16x18

         I've been eyeing these trucks for a while, on this day I stopped and painted them, the sun was raking across the snow, and illuminating the truck doors.

                                 #915Turnpike Rd.  (trucks in snow)                       12-23-16                     11x14

     This is a new statement I prepared for an upcoming show, but I think It'll be my statement for the year:

Matt Chinian 2017

I am a landscape painter living in Cambridge, NY., with my wife and two daughters. I mostly paint plein air, (or outdoors), with an emphasis on recording the place at the time I’m there. Most are done within a few miles of my house, but I enjoy painting when I go to neighboring towns, cities, the Adirondacks, (Inlet. NY) with maybe a trip to Boston or Cape Cod. I paint what I see, and Upstate NY has subject in legion. There is the natural beauty of the mountains, rivers, lakes. There are farms, villages, cities and factories. There are stately homes and trailers, churches and gas stations, and I love them all. The light that falls on our physical world illuminates everything the same and can make the ugly beautiful, and it is that beauty that I seek and that I hope to show you.  

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