Friday, February 24, 2017

A flower, a courthouse, a paper mill, a trailer, a cement plant and a grainery, all on a roller coaster.

     It's been a pretty productive week, in all 6 paintings, but there are times when I feel lost in the wilderness, questioning what and why I produce painting after painting, stacking up, one after another, unsold. I mean what the heck am I doing?  These feelings peaked yesterday after a family outing, I returned to my studio and pushed myself to set up a a flower to paint, and by the time I finished it I felt better, like an addict getting his fix.  I think this is just part of the life of an artist, nobody said it would be easy, nobody said it would pay, and just at that moment, and a deep breath. This morning I woke up and sold a painting.

                            #950  Yellow flower                   2-23-17                               10x8

     I had a good run for a few days,  and the weather had record highs, Wednesday, there was some great late light, and the courthouse was lit up on it's freshly painted facade.

           #949  Salem Courthouse, Salem, NY.                         2-22-17                              14x16

         #948  Paper mill  from prospect St.  Glens Falls, NY  studio      2-21-17                      16x18

        This day got cold. and Legry's road was a little breezy.

                  It's not too often that I think a painting needs more detail, this is one of them.

                                        #947   Legry's rd.                     2-20-17                                9x12

                                       #946  Cement plant, S. Troy, NY.      2-18-17      16x12

      Last but not least some grain silos.  I go by these all the time and have wanted to paint them for some time, and finally I did it!

                #945   C.R. 59   Grain silos                   2-17-17                          12x16

                   As always, thanks for reading my blog!

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