Thursday, February 16, 2017

   It's been a big week with a major snowstorm, Valentines day and birthday, followed by my tax accountant meeting, with all the preparations. So I haven't painted much, but I'm exhausted!

   I got out on Tuesday, went right down the street, into the thick of things:

                        #944  E. Main @ Park Ave.                        2-14-17                              14x16

            This is the UP church, to my right is the (only) traffic light in town, and the busiest corner, especially at 3:00 in the afternoon.

                                                                       Looking west down main st.

On Sunday we had a fairly large snow storm, and the Village plow hit the electric pole right in front of our rental house.

                           Here is what it looked like.

          So at the time I thought it was important to get the scene right, with the trucks under the pole actually working on it, but they didn't start until after midnight, way after my prime hours, I hung out in a vacant, but heated! part of the house where I could watch and wait. When they finally started I set up on the porch, and painted the third nocturne ever, and clearly I'll need to do a hundred of them before I can even get a toe hold on the concept, but yeah, a good start!

                                #943  W. Main St.  nocturne                   2-13-17                      11x12

                    I took this the next day, even though it really was done in the wee hours of the morning!

                                            Here is is all done!

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