Friday, February 10, 2017

Show opening tonight! blog today: this weeks paintings!

My exhibit reception and talk is tonight, in North Creek, NY.  it's about 20 minutes north of Warrensburg, and exit 23 off the northway, then a short drive west on rte 28 to the town of North Creek.

Yesterday we had a pretty big snow storm.

Wednesday I completed (I think) a studio version of a painting I did maybe a week ago down the street and up the railroad tracks of a parked flatcar.

                      #941  Sleeping giant                                    2-8-17                                   16x18

                            This is how these get done, I rely on the plein air painting and memory.

                      This was a short hike down the feeder canal in Glens Falls, it's the cement plant.

                    Here it is packed up, it's got to be one carry, and should be as light as possible.

       Here is what I took home, I've worked on it a bit, and might do some more, there were some drawing issues, with all the machinery, etc, more complicated than I thought it would be, and maybe I'll do a studio version.

                     #940  cement plant from feeder canal.                    2-6-17                            14x16

           On Sunday, I went out looking to see if the flatcar was still in Cambridge, it wasn't, so I went down to see what was in the Eagle Bridge rail yard, and found this:

             #939  Eagle Bridge rail yard                          2-5-17                                    9x12


I wanted to practice some still life work, and had the idea from a FB friend, I'll try again....

#938   Tomato can         2-4-17      12x9

          This is the paper mill in Glens Falls, it's a big plant, but I can't go in, so I have to find places just outside, I didn't put the gate in.

                      #937  Paper mill from Prospect St. G.F. NY.               2-3-17                           14x16

      It was a quiet street, but I had to move the van for 2 trucks that couldn't make the turn, still a good and easy way to set up, especially when it's cold and time is of the essence.

        This is Ballston Spa, I came to drop off some work for the Pop-up show.  That is how I ride, if I'm going out of town, and it works, I'll paint in the place, or along the way, and kill two birds with one stone, time and gas add up!

                         #936  Ballston Spa, NY  backlots                2-2-17                            11x12

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