Friday, March 3, 2017

6 paintings in 7 days: freezing, melting re-freezing........

       Some weeks just move faster than others. That's counter scientific, time is just time, and one second is the same as any other, no?  But so goes the heart, and so goes this painter's life.  I woke up knowing I would go to Glens Falls to deliver some paintings to Saunder's Fine Art, in the Shirt Factory building, and get to do an industrial. It was even sunny, who cares if it was 22 and breezy. I made it to this scene without a lot of fuss, I love large open parking lots.

             I had to eliminate the telephone pole and the tree just to the right, but overall was the best view of this scene from this side of the feeder canal.  In the spring the foliage will return and make scenes like this very different.

                                   Here is my Pallet.

      Here is the initial block in, and there is a lot that happens before this.  I don't do thumbnails, but work it out in my head as I put it together, the parts push and pull themselves a bit in this stage, and the general tones are also mixed and thrown on the canvas.

          #956  Paper mill from Cleveland  St. parking lot, G.F.NY      3-3-17       14x16

      Here is the money shot for the day,  it got a little more complicated than I would have liked, there was a lot of "stuff"  like cars, railings, reflections, and they resisted my gathering them to simplify,  I  just ignored a lot of that detail. I did a few tiny tweaks in the studio, otherwise that's it.

        The back of my van.

             This is a photo looking out the rear window of my shop/studio. I see this a lot.  In the afternoons, if there is light, it will hit the front of that little yellow shed, on this day I chose to go back there and paint it.

           I got this from in back of the building in between the trees.

                #955  Outback (rear window)               3-2-17                   9x12

                                                            I thought this was a little surreal.

        This is how I set up sight-size.

                                       #954    Yellow flower with clementine     2-28-17      12x11

                    On the way back from picking up my show in North Creek, I saw this and knew I has to stop!

       Super quick and super abstract.

              #953  Hudson River, Warrensburg, NY               2-27-17              9x12

    Although I took this photo days after, the light had been there on the garbage truck when I initially started to set up.

           #952 Turnpike rd. (yellow garbage truck)      2-26-17        11x12 

           #951      Battenkill @ Eagleville                      2-25-17            11x14

   I had forgot my brushes, which doesn't happen, but I found two strays under the seats in the van, and proceeded to make this mess.  I'm keeping it, just to remind myself how humbling this profession can be.

         This is me in front of my painting at the Small Works show at the Shirt Factory Gallery in Glens Falls, NY.  It won best landscape, so that was a nice surprise!   

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