Saturday, May 27, 2017

Finished March (yes March) Paintings!

     At almost the end of May, I'm just getting to photographing, labeling and varnishing the March paintings and I got a new camera and haven't learned to use it yet, so some of these are not quite right. So while it may be warm today, you may see some snow in these paintings from two months ago, here they are:

 #955   Outback, rear window  3-2-17  9x12 

#956  Papermill from Cleveland St. Glens Falls, NY.  3-3-17  14x16  

#957  3-4-17  Cargill @ Rt. 29 Salem, NY.  3-4-17  11x14

#958  Burton Rd. Easton, NY.  3-5-17  9x12 

#959  Brownell Corners Rd.  3-6-17  16x20 

#961  Black creek Rd.  3-8-17  12x16

#962  Five Combines, Hudson Falls, NY. 3-10-17  12x16

#963  Oak St. Glens Falls, NY.  3-11-17  8x10  

#965  Still life with lemon  3-14-17 8x10  

#967  Church St. Greenwich, NY.  3-16-17  12x11

#968  View from 2nd fl. Ballston Spa, NY. 3-17-17  12x9  

#970  Amtrak Yard Ft. Edward, NY. 3-18-17  12x16

#971  Yellow flower in growler 3-22-17  12x9  SOLD

#972  Victory Mills, NY.  3-23-17  12x17  

#973  Stevenson Rd. 3-30-17  14x16

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