Monday, May 29, 2017

Flowering tree or industrial site?, door number one or door number two?

       Sometimes life is just so random, things happen or they don't and be damned to do anything about it.  I'm just a painter struggling to find the holy grail of transcendence and imbued enigma.  First world problems, I can muse about this, I have this luxury,   The last couple of weeks we have seen more flowering trees, trees that bloom for a few days, then are gone, possibly not to return for years. This year they were spectacular, a gift, and spending time in their presence is good for the soul, it's rejuvenating.   But the soul is fickle, it wants a flowering tree one minute, an industrial machine or a busy road the next, and why not? life can't be grand vistas and singing angels all the time, we've got to fill up the gas tank go shopping, walk on asphalt expanses that separate our cars, houses, jobs, shops, school, and there is a lot of that.  There is life on line, paying bills, figuring out college payment schedules, social media, shopping.  Is there no grace in these things and these places as well?  I spend a lot of time and thought on how to avoid sentimentality in my painting (and life for that matter) and as much as I try I'm still right up there against it, so I'll just throw my hands up in the air and know that life (and painting) is random, and that things happen or they don't but just maybe, we can be damned to do anything about it.

Yesterday, I knew I wanted to come to this place, an old factory along the Walloomsac River in Walloomsac, (Hoosick) NY.   I found a rail car mostly full of scrap metal and a blue crane.

#1004  Walloomsac NY. rail car.    5-28-17      9x12

There is a factory, now used for a scrap metal concern, and of course a river running through.  Behind me was this marker. 

This was last Wednesday. 

#1003  Pearl St. Carriage barn.   5-24-17   11x12  

I had the light like this for just a few minutes. 

The day before I had a beautiful weekday afternoon in the center of town. 

#1002  Main and Park.    5-23-17    14x16       

One of my favorite themes is the pattern of light and shade on a large expanse of summer lawn. 

#1001 Lee's Crossing Rd.   5-20-17    12x16  

I mostly loved the light off the roof, and the stuff, but overall too much detail to stumble over, and too conventional of a composition.

Here is my thousandth painting!  

   #1000!    Delavan Rd.    5-19-17    11x14

 A new batch of panels!

This is Duel Hollow Rd, and a favorite spot.

I like this!  

#999  Duel Hollow Rd.    5-17-17   7x10

Mowry Park, Greenwich.

This is pretty soon after I set up and dive in, much of the challenge is to set he stage for the subject.

#998  Mowry Park, Greenwich, NY.   5-16-17  8x10  

So that's it for tonight, as always thanks for reading my blog, don't hesitate to comment or ask questions, Thanks!

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