Sunday, May 14, 2017

More paint, More paint!

         The last month has been a blur, with a service trip to South Carolina, an apartment to repaint, a tree smashing onto my garage,  I've felt behind the whole time.  So I haven't been blogging, but I've managed to paint, at least a little bit, so here goes:

Friday was beautiful out.

      #997  Railyard         5-12-17        16x18   

#996  Outback (flowering crab apple)         5-11-17        8x10  

#995  Spring and Broad,         5-11-17       8x10

#994  Blue Mountain Lake, town beach.        5-10-17     9x12

#993 blue Mountain Lake from Castle rock trail      5-10-17     9x12

#992  Merrimac St.  Boston, MA.      5-8-16     10x8

So this happened last week, so I'll have to fix it.

#991 S. Union St.   5-3-17     8x10

#990  E. Main St.         5-2-17         12x9

#989  Cemetery, Center Cambridge.    5-1-17       10x8

#988  Pig party! Sunderlin Rd. Shushan, NY.    4-30-17    9x12

#987  Yankee Hill,  4-27-17  16x18

#986  Scoharie Crossings Aqueduct on Scoherie Creek.   5-27-17   16x20

#985  View from porch,  S. Union St.   5-26-17  16x18

#984  W. Main St.   5-24-17  11x14

#983  Turnpike Rd.  5-23-17 11x14

During Easter break, I chaperoned for a service trip to South Carolina,  VOSCA, or volunteers to S. Carolina, with 20 high school students, including my daughter, it was quite a trip! 

                     I realize there are a lot of gaps here, who are all the people and where are all these places?  A lot of the time I'm asking that same question, so yea, life is a blur, but it's certainly not dull!  If you have questions just ask, I'll be happy to try and answer them, most of all these paintings are available for sale, except the two canal paintings currently just submitted for a show.  Thanks for reading my blog!

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