Monday, September 25, 2017

Finished August Painitngs

Here are most of the paintings from August.  please excuse my lack of commentary, I've been painting and busy with a lot of other stuff, all good, but has limited my time to blog, thanks for sticking with me!  Like always, most of these are available for sale, and if you have comments or questions please don't hesitate! (use the comment section, or contact widget)

 #1043  Broad St.  8-3-17  11x12

  #1044  Laney's flowers  8-6-17  12x11 

 #1045  Champlain Canal lock #5, Northumberland.  8-8-17  12x16

#1046  Komar Village,  Truro,  MA.  8-10-17 14x16 

#1047  Dewey St. Provincetown, MA.  8-10-17  12x16

#1048 Day's cottages, Truro,  MA.  8-10-17  14x16

#1049  Rocky Mt. Inlet, NY.  8-14-17  12x16 

#1050  Downtown Inlet, NY.  8-14-17  14x16

#1051  Ball Cabin, 6th Lake  8-15-17  12x11

 #1052  Suburban Propane, Greenwich, NY.  8-17-17  12x16 

 #1053  High and Danforth St, Hoosick Falls,NY.  8-17-17  14x16

  #1055  C.R. 68 White Creek.    8-19-17  9x12

 #1056  United Methodist Church, S. Cambridge.  8-20-17  11x12 

  #1057  United Methodist Church,  8-21-17  12x9 

#1058  Bennington Battle Monument.  8-23-17  16x20

#1059  Coach Rd. Argyle.  8-26-17  14x16

 #1061  Thendera train station.  8-31-17  14x16  SOLD

 #1062  Bald Mt.  Old Forge, NY.  8-31-17  16x18  SOLD

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