Saturday, December 30, 2017

A few favorites from this year.

         A year goes by, 12 months, 365 days, and then another. Marking time on this planet one minute and then the next. Each is capable of beauty and transcendence, none of them can be repeated. What you see here are a few of those moments, in paint.    Most are available.  Thanks for reading my blog, and happy new year!

#920   Chamberlin Mills Rd. Hebron, NY 1-1-17  14x16

#948 Paper Mill 2-21-17 16x18  SOLD

#971  Yellow flower in growler 3-22-17  12x9  SOLD

#981 Cambridge Rail Station  4-11-17  16x18

#1002  Main and Park  5-23-17  14x16 

#1015  Battenkill @ Center Falls.  6-12-17  14x16

 #1024  Path to Hess Pond. 7-2-17  14x16 

#1048 Day's cottages, Truro,  MA.  8-10-17  14x16

#1079  Elm @ South St. Glens Falls,NY.  9-22-17  14x16 

#1084  Church St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  10-01-17  14x16 

 #1112 Ash St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. 11-27-17  12x16 

#1123  Conley Rd.  12-23-17  16x20  SOLD


Friday, December 22, 2017

Finished November Paintings......

     We're just after solstice and before Christmas, it's snowing out.  I usually have a holiday greeting, with some fire and a cheer, this year I'll just say: I hope all the best for everyone who's reading this, that I'm thankful for all that has come to pass in this year and I remain hopeful for the new year.  Each day (or one of two!) I'm able to go into the world and paint is a great day, in every way, counting my blessings would use up all the numbers, so here are the paintings from November, each contains a little of my love of the world, and I hope that's enough, I hope you have some of this love for yourself and your family to enjoy and share, Merry Christmas!

     November brought me two trips to New York City, visiting and driving my daughter to college, so I got to paint there and loved it! I also did my first "demo" for the Colonie Art League (near Albany NY) where I painted from a small plein-air painting of the Buskirk's bridge, in addition to wandering around the area to find things to paint, here they are:

#1098  4th & Jefferson Troy, NY.  11-02-17  14x16

#1099 Last Flower,  11-03-17  16x12 

#1100  C.R. 59 S. Cambridge.  11-04-17  9x12

#1101 Buskirk's Bridge, CAC demo  16x20

#1103  61st. St. @ West End Ave. NYC. 11-10-17 14x16  

#1104  26th St. @ 11th Ave.  NYC  11-11-17  14x16

#1105  Eagle Bridge rail yard.  11-15-17  9x12 

#1106  Hudson River @ Albany, NY.  11-16-16  12x16

#1107  Downtown Hoosick Falls,  11-21-17  11x12

#1108  Conley Rd.  11-23-17  8x10  SOLD

#1109 Lake Cossayuna 11-25-17  12x16

 #1110 Broadway @ Lincoln Ctr.  NYC 11-26-17  11x12 

#1112 Ash St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. 11-27-17  12x16 

    All but one from last month, all are currently available, and for sale, if you're local. come visit!  if not leave a comment of send a message via the contact widget, thanks and happy new year!!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Finished October Paintings

October seems a lifetime away, it was warm, hardly any rain and rarely cloudy.  I procrastinated on my barn re-roofing project, but by the end of the month had to dig into it, and host an open studio, so this is what I got:

 #1084  Church St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  10-01-17  14x16

#1085  SAW barn 2  10-03-17  12x16 

#1086  Spring St. Saratoga Springs, NY  14x16

#1087  Saratoga & Broad St. Schuylerville, NY  10-05-17  14x16  

#1088  Plains Rd.  10-07-17  11x12  

 #1089  Port of Albany, Albany, NY.  10-08-17  11x12 

#1090  Grain depot, N. Bennington, VT.  10-10-17  14x16 

#1092  Second & South St.  Waterford, NY. 10-13-17

 #1093  Copper Trout Gallery  10-14-17  12x11  SOLD

 #1094  Rt. 2 & Eagle St.  North Adams, MA. 10-15-17  14x16

#1095  E. Main St. Hubbard Hall  10-17-17  14x11

#1096  Pearl St. 10-27-17  14x16 

 #1097  Barn (roof job!)  10-30-17  9x12

    Thanks for reading my blog!  It's been a while, but it is essentially my web-site where I publish finished paintings by the month.  Most are available, and questions and comments are always welcome. Feel free to follow me on twitter or Facebook, I now publish a few photos from each painting/location, so there is always plenty to see.