Saturday, December 16, 2017

Finished October Paintings

October seems a lifetime away, it was warm, hardly any rain and rarely cloudy.  I procrastinated on my barn re-roofing project, but by the end of the month had to dig into it, and host an open studio, so this is what I got:

 #1084  Church St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  10-01-17  14x16

#1085  SAW barn 2  10-03-17  12x16 

#1086  Spring St. Saratoga Springs, NY  14x16

#1087  Saratoga & Broad St. Schuylerville, NY  10-05-17  14x16  

#1088  Plains Rd.  10-07-17  11x12  

 #1089  Port of Albany, Albany, NY.  10-08-17  11x12 

#1090  Grain depot, N. Bennington, VT.  10-10-17  14x16 

#1092  Second & South St.  Waterford, NY. 10-13-17

 #1093  Copper Trout Gallery  10-14-17  12x11  SOLD

 #1094  Rt. 2 & Eagle St.  North Adams, MA. 10-15-17  14x16

#1095  E. Main St. Hubbard Hall  10-17-17  14x11

#1096  Pearl St. 10-27-17  14x16 

 #1097  Barn (roof job!)  10-30-17  9x12

    Thanks for reading my blog!  It's been a while, but it is essentially my web-site where I publish finished paintings by the month.  Most are available, and questions and comments are always welcome. Feel free to follow me on twitter or Facebook, I now publish a few photos from each painting/location, so there is always plenty to see. 

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