Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Finished December Paintings (2017!)

      Here are the paintings from December, finished and photographed.  We've had some extreme cold  this winter, so that changes everything, even still life in the studio, and doing a photo shoot become impossible. But like everything in life, if you wait a little while things change and we get on with it.  December included a trip to Rhode Island, where an old friend built a show using my "waste paint" as the nucleus, I was able to go to the opening and squeeze in a couple of paintings while there.    I'm also trying something new with pricing, I'll still be pricing my best and newest work by size, but for some paintings I will be reducing them right out the door, and the paintings below all have paypal/credit card widgets.  Please feel free to look back at older work, and use the contact widget, I think all paintings have their number and dates, so use those in your correspondence. I will also consider offers, so if you see something you like, make an offer, I may say no or counter offer, but why not, right? 

All prices include shipping to the continental U.S.  

 #1113  Moravian Cemetery, Shushan, NY.  12-6-17  11x12


#1115  Fountain St, Pawtucket RI  12-9-17  10x8

#1116  Providence RI  12-10-17  14x16  SOLD


#1117  Main & John St.  Hudson Falls, NY  12-14-17  14x16  SOLD

#1118  My Boots  12-14-17  8x10  SOLD

#1119  Immaculate Conception Church, Hoosick Falls, NY. 12-15-17

#1120  Chinese lanterns  12-18-17  12x9


#1121  Street Rd. Argyle, NY.  12-19-17  12x16

#1122  Schuyler House, Schuylerville, NY.  12-21-17  11x12

 #1123  Conley Rd. (studio)  12-23-17  16x20  SOLD

#1124  Main St. by tracks  12-28-17  11x12

#1125  Dead sunflowers  12-29-17  10x7  SOLD

All prices include shipping in the continental U.S.  if you're local, you can pick it up and I'll provide a frame,  or you can pay by check, just send me a message via the contact widget above. 

As always thanks for reading my blog!

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