Thursday, March 29, 2018

Finished January paintings.

      January had some pretty severe cold weather, 20 below zero fahrenheit for a low, and single digits for a high, days on end, I'm not that tough! We did have some thaws, and days I could get out and I was happy about that.  I haven't put the paypal on these, so if you'd like one I can give you a price and if you want it I can e-mail you a pay pal  invoice, (you can use your credit card) or you can send a check, or come by with cash (I'll take gems and precious metals too!)  So here are the paintings.

 #1126  Kitchen window  1-2-18  9x12

#1127  Broad and Ferry St. Schuylerville, NY.  1-3-18  12x16

#1128  Shell station, Northside Dr. Bennington, VT.  1-9-18  11x12

 #1129  War memorial, Manchester, VT.  1-10-18  12x11

 #1130  Content farm Rd.  1-11-18  7x10

#1131  Classic St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  1-13-18  12x11  SOLD

#1132  Gas tanks, Broadway, Salem, NY. 1-14-18  9x12

#1133  English Rd.  1-15-18  8x10  SOLD

#1134 Madison St. Troy, NY.  1-16-17  12x11

#1135  Meetinghouse Rd., Easton, NY.  1-20-18  11x14 (sold) 

#1136  Sunflower & clementine  1-21-18  12x9

#1137 Main and Wall St.  Husdon Falls, NY. 1-24-18  14x16

#1138  Coila Rd.  1-25-18  11x12

, #1139  Silver bowl & red onion  1-25-18  8x10

 #1140  Stage Rd.  1-27-18  12x16

 #1141  Hudson River @ Stillwater hydroplant  1-28-18  12x11

, #1143  Buskirk-West Hoosick Rd.  Buskirk, NY. 1-31-18  11x12

     Thanks for reading my blog!  

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