Friday, March 2, 2018

Snow day!

     I'm looking out the window at the snow driving down in gusts, it's barely freezing, and the ground had started to thaw. Last night, Sean, my photographer friend came to my studio to photograph paintings from December and January. He'll crop and correct the jpegs then return my s.d. card for me to label and send out, to this blog, and wherever else I need them to go. In the mean time I'll post some photos of February, the "finished painting" wall, and some site shots.

    There were a few pretty chilly days, but the stretch of sub-zero temperatures like we had in January were behind us, there was however a period of a week or so when the entire driveway was a sheet of ice, and not for my "yactracks" crossing without falling would have been impossible, all part of the beauty and sublime in Upstate NY!

Here are the 28 paintings from February:

Here is the painting in the scene, an alley in Newtonville, MA. not far from my family homestead, and done on a quick trip to see my Mom and Dad. 

This is Stage Rd. and a truck with a tractor on the back, I had all but given up on finding a scene to paint this particular cloudy day, a predicament I've had numerous times this month where I can't seem to find anything I want, maybe the term is inspiration, maybe malaise, I've pushed myself out the door, driven hither and yon, exasperated, then say "ok I'll do this". Inevitably paint cures me, it gives me a "fix", no matter if the painting was any good or not. Ah February! 

Me and Ollie in the studio with a fire going......

This is a favorite spot along the Battenkill, where Skellie Rd. comes very close to it. 

This is a painting I did while the massive sculpture by Peter Lundberg (taking the photo) was being erected. This is at Salem Art Works, Salem NY. Even thou it's a slow process, the light and machines were in constant motion, but it was a fun challenge to have. 

This is the campus of Williams College in Williamstown, MA. I went there on a whim, first to the Clark Art Institute, that has an amazing art collection, then to subject this iconic building at the center of the campus, not my usual. 

     I'll be publishing my December and January paintings here soon, and most will be for sale, as are ones for previous months, if interested please contact me through the widget on this blog, or e-mail, they reach me the same way, I can quote you a price and send a paypal/creditcard invoice through the e-mail system. Shipping is free to the continental US, or if you're local you can come by!  As always I appreciate you my dear reader, and enjoy hearing from you, THANKS! 

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