Friday, April 20, 2018

Next week! Louis Miller Museum / Hoosick Township Historical Society

    All welcome!
       Opening on Saturday, April 28, 2-4 PM,  The Louis Miller Museum  is located at 166 Main St. Hoosick Falls, NY 12090, ph. 518-686-4682,  Hours  M-F  11-4, the show will run to Monday, May 28, also by appointment, or on special events. website:

        I'm thrilled to bring these paintings, all of Hoosick Falls and vicinity to where they were painted and to the Historical Society. Below are the paintings in the show, and represent a few of many.

#1031  High @ Danforth St. 7-18-17  14x16   

 #1070 Hoosic River @ river rd.  9-10-17  16x20  

 #1119  Immaculate Conception Church, Hoosick Falls, NY. 12-15-17  14x16

#1074  C.R. 68, Landview Farm.  9-14-17  14x16 

 #730  R.R, Ave. Hoosick Falls, NY.  3-16-16  12x16 

#836 Hoosic River @ Buskirk  8-18-16  12x16

 #806  Hoosic River @ Buskirk,  7-5-16  11x12

#784  Hoosick River @ Buskirk  6-10-16  9x12

#686  Eagle Bridge, Railyard, 12-31-15  8x10  

#749 Church St. Hoosick Falls, NY.   4-13-16   12x16 

#757 Hoosick River @ Rt. 22 4-21-16   9x12

#794 Delavan Rd.  6-21-16  8x10

#1131  Classic St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  1-13-18  12x11

(sale pending)
 #1146  Elm St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  2-6-18  10x8

 #1143  Buskirk-West Hoosick Rd.  Buskirk, NY. 1-31-18  11x12

       Hope you can come see the show and as well the amazing displays of Hoosick history in pictures, artifacts and stories, if not and you'd like a painting, please e-mail or use the contact widget, I will check on availability and quote you a price, (range from $900 to $325 by size)  and I can ship to you. As always thanks for reading my blog!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Finished February paintings

       Here are the paintings from February, it's April now, but doesn't feel like it, with ice storms in the forecast, but carry on we must! February was a productive month and I managed a few decent paintings and a number of sales out of the blue, so while they say April is the cruelest month, February can be tough as well, but each has it's own grace and beauty, and hopefully I was able to show some of that in these paintings.

 #1144 Studio fire with Ollie  2-2-18  9x12

#1145  3rd & Middle St. Waterford, NY.  2-5-18  11x12

 #1146  Elm St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  2-6-18  10x8

  #1147  Hydrangea & Lemon  2-7-18  12x9

 #1148  Alley Newtonville, MA.  2-9-18  12x16

#1149  Nickmush Rd. E. Pittstown, NY  2-12-18  12x11

 #1150  Battenkill @ Skellie Rd.  2-13-18  12x16

#1151 5th Ave. N. Troy, NY. 2-15-18  12x16

 #1152  Flowers in Growler  2-16-18  12x9

 #1153  Finch paper from Warren St.  Glens Falls, NY  2-18-18  14x16

#1154  Screen Porch at Oswegatchie, NY  2-20-18  14x16

  #1155  Sawmill @ Oswegatchie NY.  2-20-18  11x12

 #1156  View from Liz's house  2-23-18  12x16

 #1157  Stage Rd.  2-24-19  8x10

 #1158  Amorellis  2-25-18  8x10

 #1159  Backlot stable, Saratoga Racetrack, Saratoga Springs NY.  2-26-18  14x16

 #1160  SAW Peter Lundberg's sculpture raising.  2-27-18  14x16

(sale pending)
 #1161  Williams College, Williamstown, MA.  2-28-18  16x14

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Paintings at Carrie Haddad gallery!

       Today I delivered 4 cityscape paintings to Carrie Haddad gallery in Hudson NY, their web site:   I'm really happy to be there, among some of the best artists around, so if you're anywhere near stop in for a visit! 

These are the paintings they have: 

#1127  Broad and Ferry St. Schuylerville, NY.  1-3-18  12x16

 #1117  Main & John St.  Hudson Falls, NY  12-14-17  14x16

 #1098  4th & Jefferson Troy, NY.  11-02-17  14x16

#1112 Ash St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. 11-27-17  12x16 

                Thanks for reading my blog, any questions or comment, use the contact widget!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

March wet paintings on drying wall

   Here are the paintings from March on the wet painting wall, I think there are 21, so it's been a productive month, for winter.  Thanks for looking!