Friday, April 27, 2018

Finished March paintings

      March was in like a lion and out like one too, but there were plenty of lamb days, and I was able to produce 21 paintings,  the 17 are below are available.  I've also had some exciting news about upcoming shows, ones that are a little far off and I will post as they approach, so thanks for all the support, it's buoyed me in times when I needed it most, and for that I'm most appreciative! So here they are:


#1162  Scotch Hill Rd. 3-1-18  8x10 SOLD

#1163  Pitcher with flowers 3-4-18  10x8

 #1165 David's house  3-6-18  11x12  SOLD

#1166  U.P. church from back  3-6-18  14x16

 #1167  Lapham place, Glens Falls, NY.  3-10-18  16x14  SOLD

#1170  My saw  3-16-18  8x10  SOLD

 #1171  Munsell Ave. Hoosick Falls, NY.  3-17-18  9x12

 #1172  Tabor Rd. Greenwich, NY  3-17-18  12x16  SOLD

 #1173  Battenkill Creamery, Hebron, NY.  3-18-18

#1174  West side Highway, New York, NY  3-19-18 12x16

 #1175  Lincoln Center  NYC.  3-19-18  11x12

#1176  Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn NY.  3-20-18  16x14

  #1177  Jay and Plymouth St. Brooklyn, NY. 3-20-18  16x14  SOLD

#1178  Pearl St.  3-22-18  11x12

  #1180  Reafield farm Rd.  3-25-18  9x12

#1181  Park McCullough House North Bennington, VT.  3-26-18  14x16

 #1182  Makita Drill  3-30-18  7x10  SOLD

         As always please feel free to comment and of course let me know if you'd like one, use the contact widget and I'll quote a price.  Thanks!  

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