Friday, April 20, 2018

Next week! Louis Miller Museum / Hoosick Township Historical Society

    All welcome!
       Opening on Saturday, April 28, 2-4 PM,  The Louis Miller Museum  is located at 166 Main St. Hoosick Falls, NY 12090, ph. 518-686-4682,  Hours  M-F  11-4, the show will run to Monday, May 28, also by appointment, or on special events. website:

        I'm thrilled to bring these paintings, all of Hoosick Falls and vicinity to where they were painted and to the Historical Society. Below are the paintings in the show, and represent a few of many.

#1031  High @ Danforth St. 7-18-17  14x16   

 #1070 Hoosic River @ river rd.  9-10-17  16x20  

 #1119  Immaculate Conception Church, Hoosick Falls, NY. 12-15-17  14x16

#1074  C.R. 68, Landview Farm.  9-14-17  14x16 

 #730  R.R, Ave. Hoosick Falls, NY.  3-16-16  12x16 

#836 Hoosic River @ Buskirk  8-18-16  12x16

 #806  Hoosic River @ Buskirk,  7-5-16  11x12

#784  Hoosick River @ Buskirk  6-10-16  9x12

#686  Eagle Bridge, Railyard, 12-31-15  8x10  

#749 Church St. Hoosick Falls, NY.   4-13-16   12x16 

#757 Hoosick River @ Rt. 22 4-21-16   9x12

#794 Delavan Rd.  6-21-16  8x10

#1131  Classic St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  1-13-18  12x11

(sale pending)
 #1146  Elm St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  2-6-18  10x8

 #1143  Buskirk-West Hoosick Rd.  Buskirk, NY. 1-31-18  11x12

       Hope you can come see the show and as well the amazing displays of Hoosick history in pictures, artifacts and stories, if not and you'd like a painting, please e-mail or use the contact widget, I will check on availability and quote you a price, ( by size)  and I can ship to you. As always thanks for reading my blog!

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