Sunday, June 24, 2018

Finished April Paintings

     Recently someone asked me when or if painting became like work. I had to think about my answer. Unequivocally I could say I loved painting and was happy and grateful to be able to spent a lot of time doing it. But there were aspects of this that are mundane, there are hours of preparation, hours of doing stuff like this, and once in a while I actually clean up. I don't use the words "inspiration" or "talent" much, they are overused and their meaning cliche'.  I will often push myself out the door and go looking for subject, most of the times I find it on a rare occasion I won't, and there are so many practical concerns when setting up outside, finding a safe place to park, shaded in the heat of the summer, or blocked by frigid winds of the winter. What's left for inspiration? that concentrated drop in the ocean of boring. So my answer is yes and no, like any kind work it can be exhausting and get boring, but no it's not like digging a hole or taking out the trash, and the product of my labor, just maybe, has the potential for a life of it's own, to leave me and communicate with others and that's pretty awesome.

      Here are the paintings from April, (I know it's late in June) the month was not my most productive, the weather was not at all great, the winter seemed to lag and hover over us, and the earth was not yet awaked. This is what I got:

 #1184  Reafield Farm Rd.     4-2-18       11x12

#1185  E. Main St.       4-5-18        11x12

 #1186 Lilly      4-6-18       16x12

 #1187  Union & S.2nd St. Hudson, NY    4-7-18   12x16  SOLD

#1188 Chevy dealership, S.R.29 Greenwich, NY   4-8-18   11x12

 #1189  Backlots with Methodist church     4-9-18     12x11

#1190 Columbia & Park St. Hudson,  NY    4-10-18     14x16

 #1191 Shunpike Rd.     4-13-18       11x12

 #1192  W. Main @ S. Union St.     4-16-18     12x16

#1193  State court of appeals, Albany, NY      4-18-18     16x14

 #1194  Wright @ King Rd.     4-21-18      9x12

 #1195  C.R. 372 @ Content Farm Rd.    4-22-18     14x16

#1196  Champlain canal @ Ft. Edward NY     4-23-18    12x16

#1197 Meetinghouse Rd. Easton, NY     4-24-18     9x12

     Interested in buying a painting?  most are available, please use the contact widget.  All paintings are oil on canvas panel. Thanks for reading my blog!

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