Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Finished August Paintings

           Here are most of the paintings from August. Certainly the month most filled with activities and fun, you really need two months to fit them in!   There was the paint out in Glens Falls by the Hyde Collection, a week at the cabin on 6th Lake in the Adirondacks and a quick trip to Boston.

 #1261  Farm ruins, White Creek, NY     8-5-18    9x12

#1263  Curran Ln, Glens Falls, NY      8-8-18    14x16

#1264  Gas station, Saratoga Ave. South Glens Falls, NY     8-8-18     12x16

 #1265  Paper Mill, Rt 9 Glens Falls, NY      8-9-18      16x20

 #1266  Lapham Pl.  Glens Falls, NY      8-9-18     16x14 SOLD

  #1269  Coal silos, Maple Ave.  Hudson Falls, NY     8-11-18      14x16

#1270  Boulevard @ Belle St.  Hudson Falls, NY      8-11-18     11x12  SOLD

 #1271  Back bay, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY  8-14-18  9x12 

  #1272  Blue Spruce Motel  Old Forge, NY       8-15-18      14x16

#1273  Penwood, 4th Lake, Old Forge, NY       8-16-18      12x16

 #1274  Inlet Marina, Inlet, NY       8-18-18       14x16

#1275  6th Lake Rd.  Inlet, NY       8-19-18       12x16

#1276  Eagle Bridge Welding, Eagle Bridge, NY  8-21-18  SOLD

 #1277  Lake George @ Bolton Landing NY    8-22-18      16x18

#1278  Otis @ Lowell Ave. Newtonville, MA 8-24-18  14x16

  #1279  Watertown Square, Watertown, MA     8-24-18      14x16

#1280  Washington County Fair, Greenwich, NY  8-26-18 14x16

 #1281  Battenkill @ Greenwich, NY     8-28-18      8x10

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