Friday, September 21, 2018

Finished July Paintings.

    July included some time at 6th Lake,a trip to Newton and the The Cambridge Valley Fine Art Tour, (another tour will take place the first weekend of December)  all great stuff!  Next up is the Landscapes for Landsake  show, on Columbus day weekend, October 6,7 and 8, and I love studio visits, so please contact me if you'd like to set up a visit.  

Here are most of the paintings from July, and most of these are available, thanks for looking!

 #1243  Cumbys, Greenwich, NY  (nocturne)          7-1-18          12x16

 #1244  22 @ Content Farm Rd.      7-2-18       9x12

#1245  Agway, Schaghticoke, NY      7-7-18      14x16

  #1246  First St. Hoosick Falls, NY      7-8-18      16x18

#1247  Skellie Rd,  (cows)              7-9-18           11x12

#1248  Battenkill @ E. Greenwich, NY        7-10-18         14x16  SOLD

 #1249  Hudson River @ Ft. Miller Hydro, Gansevoort, NY         7-11-18        12x16

 #1250  Freight yard @ North Creek, NY        7-15-18         14x16

 #1252 Hanks Rd. Salem, NY       7-20-18        8x10

  #1253  State St. (MIT)  Cambridge, MA      7-23-18        16x14

  #1254  Crosby Blvd. Old Forge, NY          7-25-18          11x12

#1255  Woods Inn, Inlet, NY           7-26-18         14x16

 #1256  Cabin, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY     7-26-18      14x16

 #1257  Boathouse, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY     7-27-18      9x12

 #1258  Car wash, Old Forge, NY     7-28-18      12x16

 #1259  Dock, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY (nocturne)     7 -28-18        12x11 SOLD

#1260  Back Bay, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY      7-29-18     12x16

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