Monday, October 15, 2018

Preview for Saratoga Springs Public Library show, October 30- November 26

     Here is the preview of the paintings for my show at  Saratoga Springs Public Library, check their website for hours and directions. The space is managed by Saratoga Arts, and they handle all sales. I'm excited about this show!

    There are 18 in all, here they are:

 #1277  Lake George @ Bolton Landing NY       8-22-18      16x18

#1281  Battenkill @ Greenwich, NY        8-28-18         8x10

 #1252 Hanks Rd. Salem, NY             7-20-18           8x10

  #1260  Back Bay, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY         7-29-18     12x16

#1257  Boathouse, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY         7-27-18        9x12

#1245  Agway, Schaghticoke, NY         7-7-18         14x16

#1235  County Farm Rd.  Argyle, NY       6-20-18      11x12

 #1233  Peony, outside       6-18-18        10x8

 #1229  River & Liberty St., Troy, NY        6-12-18     16x18


#1221  South & Broad St.  Glens Falls, NY       5-30-18      14x16

#1126  Kitchen window         1-2-18          9x12

 #1099 Last Flower,        11-03-17       16x12  

#1089  Port of Albany, Albany, NY.          10-08-17        11x12  

  #1044  Laney's flowers        8-6-17        12x11  

#932 R.R.tracks and flat car         1-27-17       9x12 

#789  English Rd.        6-16-17        7x10

#790  Salem St, Greenwich, NY          6-17-16         10x8  

#1030  3rd Lake Creek         7-9-17         9x12

Thanks for reading my blog and looking at my paintings!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Albany Center Gallery upcoming show: Still. Life.

    I'm totally excited to announce my inclusion in this show:  Still. Life.  This is how they described my work:

Matt Chinian’s canvases are rich with texture, and portray a style similar to post-impressionist painters of the early twentieth century. He is motivated primarily by the landscapes that he encounters around upstate New York. He is drawn to the simplicity of his everyday environment and seeks to find the “beauty and the sublime” in that which might be overlooked or only glimpsed in passing. After receiving an MFA at the University at Albany, Chinian has shown all over New York and and throughout the Northeast.

    Here is what I'm sending them.

 #1246  First St. Hoosick Falls, NY  7-8-18  16x18

 #1243  Cumbys, Greenwich, NY  (nocturne)  7-1-18  12x16

#1210  CR 372 Greenwich, NY  (RR bridge)  5-18-18  14x16

 #1216  Downtown Schaghticoke NY  5-23-18  14x16

#1196  Champlain canal @ Ft. Edward NY  4-23-18  12x16

 #1187  Union & S. 2nd St.  Hudson, NY  4-7-18  12x16


#1131  Classic St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  1-13-18  12x11

#1104  26th St. @ 11th Ave.  NYC  11-11-17  14x16  

 #1212  Lilac 5-19-18 10x7

#1207  Whisky  5-15-18  10x8

 #1186 Lilly  4-6-18  16x12

 #1182  Makita Drill  3-30-18  7x10

#1163  Pitcher with flowers 3-4-18  10x8

#1158  Amorellis  2-25-18  8x10

#1139  Silver bowl & red onion  1-25-18  8x10

#1125  Dead sunflowers  12-29-17  10x7

#1118  My Boots  12-14-17  8x10

#954 Yellow flower & clementine 2-28-17 12x11 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Where I've been

      Every once in a while I like to show photos of my set up. I take these as a matter of course, most often I work right off the back of my van, along a road or parking lot, if it's safe and legal, sometimes I park and set up a few feet or further.

Lake George @ Bolton Landing, NY

Truck repair shop along rt. 4 Schuylerville, NY.

East Main St. Cambridge, NY 

Back bay (in back of the cabin) 6th Lake, Inlet, NY

Freight station, North Bennington, VT.

Here is the wet painting wall for September: 

This weekend is the annual Landscapes for Landsake show to benefit the Agricultural Stewardship Association,  50% of the sales go to buying development rights to farmland so that it stays agricultural. I'm happy to be  part of this event, and hopefully raise money for an important cause. I'm friends will so many of the people that make this happen, artist's farmers, locals, that it feels mostly like a home coming  party! It takes place in an enormous barn at Maple Ridge, not a 1/2 mile up the street from my house!