Saturday, November 24, 2018

Finished September Paintings

      September feels like a lifetime away, with the heat of the summer still bearing down, and days still long enough to paint in light well into the evening, I got 20 paintings done that explore a number of themes, the urban/industrial, the farm and the abstractness of rushing water. Here they are:

#1282  Hudson River @ N. Umberland NY. 9-1-18  14x16

 #1283  1st @ Willow St. Hoosick Falls, NY.  9-2-18  11x12

#1284  Tabor @ Old Cambridge Rd.  9-3-18  11x12 

 #1285  Scotch Hill Rd.  Salem,  NY.  9=4-18  9x12

 #1286  Pitney Meadow Sunflowers, Saratoga Springs, NY. 9-5-18  16x14  SOLD

 #1287  Hibiscus on Porch, S. Union St.  9-6-18  10x8

 #1288  View from All Saints on the Hudson,  Mechanicville, NY. 9-7-18  16x18

#1289  Champlain Canal  Lock 5, Schuylerville, NY.  9-12-18  14x16

 #1290  Freight Yard, N. Bennington, VT.  9-13-18  14x16

#1291 Classic St. Hoosick Falls, NY  9-14-18  12x16

#1292  Rt. 4 Stillwater, NY.  9-16-18  14x16

 #1293  Scotch Hill Rd.  Salem, NY.  9-17-18  9x12

 #1294  W. Main St.  8-18-18  14x16

 #1295  Washington 2 5th Ave. Troy, NY.  9-19-18  14x16  SOLD

 #1296  East & 2nd St.  Schaghticoke, NY. 9-22-18  12x16

#1297  Downtown Cambridge.  9-23-18  14x16

 #1298  Cobble Hill Rd. White Creek, NY.  9-24-18  11x12

#1299  Houghton St.  N. Bennington, VT.  9-27-18  12x16

#1300  Fish Creek, Victory Mills, NY.  9-29-18  11x12

#1301  Airfield, Plains Rd. 9-30-18  7x10

       These paintings are currently all available, please use the contact widget to comment, or inquire about a painting, and as always thanks for reading and looking at my blog!

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