Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wet painting wall for June.

   Here is the wet painting wall for June. It's been crazy around here with paintings going to a whole bunch of places, hang on!

Last weekend this happened, The Cohoes Artist Showcase, where I was the featured artist, I produce 10 or so paintings of Cohoes, NY, in the preceding few months, and I did a demonstration. I didn't sell anything, but I enjoyed the whole event, Thanks to everyone that made this possible!

     Then I installed 8 paintings in Salem Tavern's dining room, in Salem NY, here they are:

    And then this happened: an interview on Froggy 100.3 f.m. radio! Mike Morgan, a consummate radio professional has a Community Issues program, along with Beth Moeller who is  organizing and publicizing  the Open Studios Tour of Washington County. I'll have a link to the sound cloud when it's available.

     So that's a lot, and there's more.... Hang on!  And as always thanks for reading my blog!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Shirt Factory video tour. Opening Saturday, June 15, 5-7

            This is the biggest show I've ever had, 45 paintings!  Here is a short "virtual tour" of my Shirt Factory Gallery show it's opening Saturday, June 15, 5-7  all welcome!

               Feel free to comment or ask questions, these paintings are available, Let me know if you'd like a price. Thanks! 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Art of the Bottle

I'm in this show!  The Jan Rutland Artist's Space at the National Bottle Museum in
Ballston Spa is having an Art of the Bottle show,  here is the invitation!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

June shows! the Shirt Factory Gallery and the Cohoes showcase!

 June is a big month, the Shirt Factory show is a solo, and will have about 46 paintings, and will be up for over a month, the Cohoes Showcase will be a weekend gig, with about 10 paintings that were mostly done in Cohoes, NY.

Here are some of the paintings going to the Shirt Factory Gallery, located at 71 Lawrence St. Glens Falls, NY  12801,  June 5-July 6, Opening June 15, 5-7  regular hours, Wed.- Sat, 12-5


All invited, share this and bring a friend! 

The Cohoes Artist Showcase 9
   10am - 5pm Saturday June 22 
  12pm – 5pm Sunday June 23 
        Opening Reception: 6pm – 8pm  
    Cohoes Music Hall, 58 Remsen St, Cohoes NY

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Oakroom Artist's show at Unitarian Universalist Society is up!

    My show, along side the great painter, Corey Pitkin is now up at the Unitarian Church in Schenectady until May 31. They are located at 1221 Wendell Ave, Schenectady NY 12308.

     Here are some photos:

There are a whole bunch of shows coming up, and I'll post them here. Thanks, as always, for reading my blog! 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

A reunion, a yellow truck and a one legged chicken.

     Last week was school vacation week, and our family traveled to St John, we flew in and out of Boston, and upon my return I attended my 40th High School reunion. I graduated Newton North High School, two blocks from where I grew up and where my Mom and sister still live, so I've always visited Newton, but had lost track of all but a few of the people I knew there and except for reconnecting with some on social media, there is still a huge distance in time and space with so many. Our class was over 800 kids maybe about 150 or so came, really too many to ever really know.

      So why do we do it? Certainly the "coming of age" theme must not be too dissimilar in Mumbai or Mozambique? Maybe not?  In a world of 7.5 billion people, 800 looks pretty small. A lot can be said about common experiences and shared memories, some kids I remember from kindergarten, yes I was 4 when I started, and still hold many. Many are rather fuzzy and they are probably not things my classmates remember, they each have their own, and maybe they intersect and maybe they don't. So all these people, who would otherwise be a total random assortment (OK the same age), get together for a party, and the kids you were friends with or knew as acquaintances, are pretty much the same as they were, at least in character. It's just 40 years later. 40 Years, over twice our age at graduation, and time enough to experience life's joys and sorrows, life's fullness and maybe some emptiness, 40 years is enough time to get to know yourself, and hopefully love, or at least accept who you are. It snuck up on me, the point of it all, in this group of people, of completely different characters, with completely different lives, I had the epiphany of belonging, not in any way that you could name, but in the place beyond description, a place at the core of being. It was the best party ever and I love you all!!!!

   This is my family on the ferry back from St. John to St. Thomas after our excellent vacation!

       Here is the view from our bungalow on a hill overlooking Coral Bay, St. John. 

     This is the 9th watercolor I did on this trip. I hadn't done anything in this media, probably since high school!  Still deciding how I feel about it, so different than oil, there is a luminosity with the pigment over the white of the paper. I chose it for the ease of traveling, but was not set up right and that will take a lot more experimentation, but on a whole it was fun and I got some bad paintings under my belt.

   I had a mini reunion with Mike Porter, a friend from the old days, he lives on the same side of St. John we visited, and just two days later I'd see his sister,  Adrienne, at our reunion, how awesome is that!

     Lastly here is the one legged chicken, Emma and Hope named her Lola, and gave her scraps from our lunch. Maybe she represented the dignity and perseverance we saw in this tropical paradise, beauty in all the hardships, the hurricanes, the drought, the geopolitics of colonialism,  maybe she's just a one legged chicken living for today just like us.

      Thanks for reading my blog!  today' post  may be tangential to the usual focus on my creative work, but it's part of this painter's life! 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Finished March Paintings

        I'm taking an art marketing course at the Art Center of the Capitol District, in Troy, NY. It was awarded to artists ready to work on their marketing in all the ways one can be ready to hear and benefit from it. So I'm rethinking and reevaluating my marketing and my digital presence in the world.  So things are afoot, and change is inevitable, I don't know that the'll be, there might be more writing and their might be some videos, but we'll just see how this all plays out.

         Here are the paintings from March, all but the last 3 which haven't been photographed yet.

 #1380  Paint shelf   3-1-19    9x12

 #1381  Flower in bottle    3-2-19    10x7

#1382  Eagle Bridge, NY     3-4-19    11x12

#1383  Railroad Park     3-5-19     12x16

#1385  Northside Dr. Bennington VT      3-8-19    11x12

 #1386  Cohoes City Hall, Cohoes NY     3-9-19      14x16

 #1387  Railroad Ave.     3-12-19    13x14

 #1388  Molasses tank Port of Albany     3-13-19     14x16

 #1389  Yellow flower in whisky bottle     3-13-19     10x8

#1390  Lyman St. Hoosick Falls, NY     3-14-19    11x12

 #1391  Wing St.  Ft. Edward, NY     3-15-19    12x16

#1393  Rt. 4  Schuylerville, NY    3-20-19     14x16

#1394  Austin St.  Newtonville, MA     3-24-19    13x14

     Thanks again for reading my blog and looking at my work!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Finished February Paintings

       Here are the finished paintings from February.  I hope that the paintings provide the commentary where words are lacking. How I find stuff? and why I pass other stuff over?  Beauty isn't everywhere, but it can be anywhere and that's what I'm looking for. 

#1365  C.R. 60 Greenwich, NY    2-1-19    11x14

 #1366 Browell Corners Rd.    2-2-19     8x10

 #1367  Fair grounds, Schagticoke, NY     2-6-19     12x16

 #1368  Yellow flower in blue bottle    2-8-19    14x11

 #1369  Port of Albany     2-10-19    14x16

 #1370  Hoosick St. under bridge, Troy, NY    2-13-19    11x12

 #1371  Battenkill @ Battenville, NY    2-14-19    12x16

 #1372  Stevenson Rd.    2-15-19    9x12

 #1373  Backlots Hoosick Falls, NY    2-16-19    14x16

#1374  D.P.W. Cambrige, NY     2-17-19    8x10

 #1375  Fairview St. S. Glens Falls, NY    2-19-19    9x12

 #1376  Highway Dept. Salem, NY    2-22-19    13x14

 #1377   Studio microwave    2-25-19    11x12

 #1378  Combo's fish fry, Schenectady, NY    2-26-19    9x12

#1379  Depot St.  Bennington, VT    2-18-19    12x16

     As always thanks for reading my blog and looking at my work, paintings are for sale, and please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment.