Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Finished November Paintings

    November wasn't the most productive month with only 14 paintings done, But overall I'm happy with the direction my work is headed in. I've been thinking about the big picture, in which my work, and in particular the subject of my work has a message. One painting doesn't hold all the information of all the work viewed together, so that a painting of rushing water one day says something about the industrial landscape the following day, and the village scene the day after that. Together they form a vision of the world I live in and my take on that world. More on this later, now here are the paintings from November:

#1319  saratoga @ E. Main St. Mechanicville, NY  11-7-18  13x14

 #1320  Port of Albany,  Albany,  NY. 11-8-18  12x16

#1321  W. Main @ Shurfine  11-9-18  11x12

#1322  Battenkill @ W. Arlington, VT  11-12-18  16x18

 #1323  119th St. @ 2nd Ave. Troy, NY  11-14-18  13x14

#1324  W. Main St.  11-15-18  12x11

#1325  Coila Rd.  11-16-18  9x12

#1326  Momentive, Rte. 4 Waterford, NY  11-18-18  11x12

#1327  Mobil Station, Greenwich, NY  11-20-18  12x16

#1328  Flower, thanksgiving  11-21-18  12x9

 #1329  Chapin Airfield  11-23-18  8x10

#1330  Elm St.  Hoosick Falls,  NY  11-24-18

 #1332  Carney-Cassidy Rd.  11-28-18  9x12

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