Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Finished December Paintings

           Here are the paintings from December, 16 in all, but my goal is not to make more paintings, my goal is to make better paintings, and I think I'm getting there by making more paintings.  Much of the pursuit in my work is to try and find subject that says what I want to say and paint it, it's really the alchemy between skill and subject. These are all available, even the self portrait, which my family called zombie-like!  They are priced by size from $300- $900.  Let me know if you are interested, Thanks!

#1333  Edison Ave.  Schenectady, NY  12-1-18  12x16  SOLD

 #1334  Backlots Downtown Bennington, VT  12-3-18  12x11

 #1335  Hutton St. Troy, NY  12-4-18  13x14

#1336  Still Life  12-7-18  9x12

 #1337  Church St.  Saratoga Springs, NY  !2-10-18  14x16

#1338  Landview Farm, White Creek, NY  12-12-18  8x10

#1339  William St. Mechanicville, NY  12-13-18  13x14

 #1340  Depot @ Main St. Bennington, VT  12-14-18  9x12

#1341  Luther Forest Blvd. Malta, NY  12-15-18  11x12

 #1342  Poinsettia 12-17-18  9x12

 #1343  Mill @ Depot St. Greenwich, NY  12-19-18  16x20

#1344 Other boots  12-23-18  12x11

 #1345  E. Main St.  12-24-18  11x14

 #1346  W. Main St.  12-27-18  12x16

#1347  Self Portrait  12-29-18  12x11

#1348  Van Ness Ave. Greenwich, NY  12-30-18  11x14

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