Friday, April 12, 2019

Finished March Paintings

        I'm taking an art marketing course at the Art Center of the Capitol District, in Troy, NY. It was awarded to artists ready to work on their marketing in all the ways one can be ready to hear and benefit from it. So I'm rethinking and reevaluating my marketing and my digital presence in the world.  So things are afoot, and change is inevitable, I don't know that the'll be, there might be more writing and their might be some videos, but we'll just see how this all plays out.

         Here are the paintings from March, all but the last 3 which haven't been photographed yet.

 #1380  Paint shelf   3-1-19    9x12

 #1381  Flower in bottle    3-2-19    10x7

#1382  Eagle Bridge, NY     3-4-19    11x12

#1383  Railroad Park     3-5-19     12x16

#1385  Northside Dr. Bennington VT      3-8-19    11x12

 #1386  Cohoes City Hall, Cohoes NY     3-9-19      14x16

 #1387  Railroad Ave.     3-12-19    13x14

 #1388  Molasses tank Port of Albany     3-13-19     14x16

 #1389  Yellow flower in whisky bottle     3-13-19     10x8

#1390  Lyman St. Hoosick Falls, NY     3-14-19    11x12

 #1391  Wing St.  Ft. Edward, NY     3-15-19    12x16

#1393  Rt. 4  Schuylerville, NY    3-20-19     14x16

#1394  Austin St.  Newtonville, MA     3-24-19    13x14

 #1395 St. Joeseph Pl. Cohoes, NY  3-26-19  14x16

 #1396 Parry St. Hudson Falls, ny 3-26-19  12x16

#1397 Fairgrounds, Scaghticoke, NY  3-27-19  11x12

     Thanks again for reading my blog and looking at my work!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Finished February Paintings

       Here are the finished paintings from February.  I hope that the paintings provide the commentary where words are lacking. How I find stuff? and why I pass other stuff over?  Beauty isn't everywhere, but it can be anywhere and that's what I'm looking for. 

#1365  C.R. 60 Greenwich, NY    2-1-19    11x14

 #1366 Browell Corners Rd.    2-2-19     8x10

 #1367  Fair grounds, Schagticoke, NY     2-6-19     12x16 SOLD

 #1368  Yellow flower in blue bottle    2-8-19    14x11  SOLD

 #1369  Port of Albany     2-10-19    14x16

 #1370  Hoosick St. under bridge, Troy, NY    2-13-19    11x12

 #1371  Battenkill @ Battenville, NY    2-14-19    12x16

 #1372  Stevenson Rd.    2-15-19    9x12

 #1373  Backlots Hoosick Falls, NY    2-16-19    14x16

#1374  D.P.W. Cambrige, NY     2-17-19    8x10  SOLD

 #1375  Fairview St. S. Glens Falls, NY    2-19-19    9x12

 #1376  Highway Dept. Salem, NY    2-22-19    13x14

 #1377   Studio microwave    2-25-19    11x12

 #1378  Combo's fish fry, Schenectady, NY    2-26-19    9x12

     As always thanks for reading my blog and looking at my work, paintings are for sale, and please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. 

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Finished January Paintings

   Here are the finished paintings from January:

#1349  Queensbury @ Dix Ave, Queensbury, NY  1-1-19  14x16

#1350  White @ Mohawk St. Cohoes, NY   1-2-19   12x11

#1351  Edison Ave, Schenectady, NY 1-3-19  12x16  SOLD

#1352  Central Ave. Albany, NY  1-4-19  12x16

 #1353  Backlots, Salem, NY  1-6-19  11x12

 #1354  Rail yard, Eagle Bridge, NY  1-7-19  9x12

 #1355  Cemetery Quaker Hill Rd.  White Creek, NY  1-10-19  8x10

 #1356  Black Creek Rd. Salem, NY  1-11-19  9x12

 #1357  Old Cambridge Rd.  Greenwich, NY  1-14-19  7x10

 #1358   Downtown Schagticoke, NY  !-16-19  12x16

#1359  King Rd.  1-18-19  8x10

 #1360  Barn, nocturne  1-20-19  10x7  SOLD

#1361  Great Wall, Hoosick Falls, NY  1-22-19  11x12

#1362  Nichol St. Salem, NY  1-26-19  11x12

 #1363  Cottrell Rd. Walloomsac, NY. 2-28-19  12x9

#1364   U.P. Church, Park Pl.  1-30-19  14x16  SOLD

       Thanks for reading my blog! Please feel free to comment or ask questions, use the contact widget, Thanks!