Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Finished February Paintings

       Here are the finished paintings from February.  I hope that the paintings provide the commentary where words are lacking. How I find stuff? and why I pass other stuff over?  Beauty isn't everywhere, but it can be anywhere and that's what I'm looking for. 

#1365  C.R. 60 Greenwich, NY    2-1-19    11x14

 #1366 Browell Corners Rd.    2-2-19     8x10

 #1367  Fair grounds, Schagticoke, NY     2-6-19     12x16 SOLD

 #1368  Yellow flower in blue bottle    2-8-19    14x11  SOLD

 #1369  Port of Albany     2-10-19    14x16

 #1370  Hoosick St. under bridge, Troy, NY    2-13-19    11x12

 #1371  Battenkill @ Battenville, NY    2-14-19    12x16

 #1372  Stevenson Rd.    2-15-19    9x12

 #1373  Backlots Hoosick Falls, NY    2-16-19    14x16

#1374  D.P.W. Cambrige, NY     2-17-19    8x10  SOLD

 #1375  Fairview St. S. Glens Falls, NY    2-19-19    9x12

 #1376  Highway Dept. Salem, NY    2-22-19    13x14

 #1377   Studio microwave    2-25-19    11x12

 #1378  Combo's fish fry, Schenectady, NY    2-26-19    9x12

     As always thanks for reading my blog and looking at my work, paintings are for sale, and please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. 

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