Saturday, April 6, 2019

Finished January Paintings

   Here are the finished paintings from January:

#1349  Queensbury @ Dix Ave, Queensbury, NY  1-1-19  14x16

#1350  White @ Mohawk St. Cohoes, NY   1-2-19   12x11

#1351  Edison Ave, Schenectady, NY 1-3-19  12x16  SOLD

#1352  Central Ave. Albany, NY  1-4-19  12x16

 #1353  Backlots, Salem, NY  1-6-19  11x12

 #1354  Rail yard, Eagle Bridge, NY  1-7-19  9x12

 #1355  Cemetery Quaker Hill Rd.  White Creek, NY  1-10-19  8x10

 #1356  Black Creek Rd. Salem, NY  1-11-19  9x12

 #1357  Old Cambridge Rd.  Greenwich, NY  1-14-19  7x10

 #1358   Downtown Schagticoke, NY  !-16-19  12x16

#1359  King Rd.  1-18-19  8x10

 #1360  Barn, nocturne  1-20-19  10x7  SOLD

#1361  Great Wall, Hoosick Falls, NY  1-22-19  11x12

#1362  Nichol St. Salem, NY  1-26-19  11x12

 #1363  Cottrell Rd. Walloomsac, NY. 2-28-19  12x9

#1364   U.P. Church, Park Pl.  1-30-19  14x16  SOLD

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