Monday, September 2, 2019

Finished April Paintings

    Here are the paintings from April, Let me know if you're interested in any of them, Thanks!

#1399 Depot St. Greenwich, NY  4-1-19  13x14

 #1400  Landview Farm, White Creek, NY 4-2-19 12x16

#1401 Mohowk River @ Cohoes, NY 4-3-19 14x16

  #1402  Mohawk St. Cohoes, NY 4-3-19 11x12

#1403 Valley Falls Ave. Scaghticoke, NY 4-4-19  11x14

 #1405 Derailed Bar, Rennesaelaer NY  4-7-19  11x12

 #1406 Railroad Ave. Cambridge, NY  4-8-19 9x12

 #1407  Backlots, Hudson Falls, NY 4-10-19  14x16 

 #1408 T&T Towing, Main St. Cohoes, NY  4-11-19  12x16

 #1409  Montgomery St. Albany, NY  4-11-19  16x20

 #1410  Fountain @ Valentine St. Newton, MA  4-13-19  12x11

 #1411  Chestnut St. Newton, MA.  4-14-19  16x14

  #1412  Battenkill @ Arlington, VT.  4-16-19  9x12

 #1413  Equinox Resort, Manchester, VT.  4-16-19  16x12

 #1414 Canvas St. Cohoes, NY  4-17-19  16x18

 #1415 Howard St. Cohoes, NY  4-17-19  13x14 SOLD

#1417  Back of Hubbard Hall, Cambridge, NY.  4-29-19  14x16

 #1418  Loading dock, Eagle Bridge, NY  4-30-19  13x14

a few watercolors from our family tri to St. John.


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