Saturday, November 16, 2019

Finished July Paintings

     Here are selected paintings from July, hope you like them! 

 #1466  Shelving Rock Falls, Lake George, NY.  07-1-19  14x16

 #1468  Yellow House, North Hoosick, NY.  07-3-19  12x16

#1469   Train Station, Salem, NY.  07-5-19  11x12

#1474  Princess, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY  07-15-19  12x16

 #1476  Nocturne, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY.  07-17-19  12x9

#1479  Pearl St.  07-14-19  9x12

 #1481  Stewarts, N. Hoosick NY.  07-31-19  16x18

( This painting along with the yellow house are on the site of the new Stewarts in North Hoosick, the yellow house has been raised) 

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