Thursday, April 30, 2020

Finished October (2019) Paintings!

     October feels like a million years ago, and I'm finally posting these. From November to February I embarked on the task of rebuilding my studio, so emptying it, insulating, sheet rocking, painting, electrifying and all that. Now I'm loving it!  Yes there is a global pandemic and NY State is on "pause" but I'm loving spending my days and nights cozy and warm working away in here! Anyway, without further ado here are the paintings from October.

#1526  Harvesting, Belle Rd.  10-4-19  14x16 SOLD

 #1527  Hannaford parking lot, Greenwich, NY.  10-5-19  12x16

 #1528  Landview Farm, White Creek, NY.  10-9-19  14x16

 #1529  Great Wall.  10-10-19  13x14

#1529a  SAS Demo, Still Life with Hydrangia.  10-10-19  12x9

 #1530 Laundromat at night 10-11-19  11x14

#1531 Downtown Salem, NY. 10-14-19  13x14

#1532  Dead Sunflower  10-17-19  11x12

#1533  K-Mart Parking Lot, Greenwich, NY.  10-21-19  8x10

 #1534  Back View, All Saints on the Hudson, Mechanicville, NY.  10-24-19  13x14

 #1535  Gas Station, Holyoke, MA.  10-26-19  14x16

 #1536  Pitney Meadows Farm, Saratoga Springs, NY.  10-28-19  14x16

#1537  Oil Tank Car, Eagle Bridge, NY.  10-29-19  11x12

Thanks for reading my blog! Paintings are for sale, please use the contact widget to check availability and price. 

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