Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Finished April Paintings

        They say April is the cruelest month, So April during a global pandemic?   Well that depends who you ask, I've been able to work more and with less distraction, like a residency without going anywhere, so while I have been longing to travel, at least a little, I've got everything I need here, including all the subject matter for the material of an epic. What have I done with it? That is a question I continually ask myself, how is it relevant, the where and why. Here's what I did in April:

#1582  Plaster cast  4-3-20  13x14

 #1583  Shop and Save, Scaghticoke, NY  4-4-20  14x16

#1586  Gulf Station, Worcester, MA  4-7-20  14x16

#1587  Lilly  4-9-20  12x9

#1589 Bennington Plaza  4-12-20  16x18

#1591  Old Cambridge Rd.  4-15-20  12x16

 #1592  Murphy's  4-15-20  8x6 oil on paper SOLD

 #1593  Dollar General  4-16-20  16x20  SOLD

 #1594  Lobster Bouy  4-18-20  16x12

#1595  Cambridge tree nursery  4-19-20  9x12

 #1596  Woodlands Cemetery  4-20-20  12x16

#1597  Misc. oil  4-21-20  8x6 oil on paper

#1599  Jar with oil 4-1-24-20  8x6 oil on paper SOLD

#1600 Jay's Pizza  4-24-20  16x18

#1601  St. Joe's Greenwich, NY  4-25-20  12x16

#1603  Stewart's at night  4-20-20  11x14

 #1604  Hyacinth in bottle  4-29-20  8x6 oil on paper SOLD

       These paintings are all available as of this post, please send a message for a quote, if  you're interested in purchasing any of these. Thanks! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Finished March Paintings

March came but the weather was still winter like, cold and raw. But I was able to get back out there and get some painting done, then I'd returned to a warm studio, I must be dreaming! 

Here are the March paintings, enjoy:  

#1556  Hand greenhouse, Greenwich, NY  3-1-20  12x16

#1557  Coila Rd.  3-2-20  12x16

 #1558  Black Creek Rd. Salem, NY  3-3-20  12x16

 #1559  Eastern Casting Pearl St. 3-6-20  9x12

#1561  Stewart's 3-8-20  11x12

#1563  Fast Track Wilton, NY  3-11-20  14x16

 #1564  Kennedy's  Troy, NY  3-12-20  12x16

#1567  Battenkill @ Cross St. Greenwich, NY  3-17-20  9x12

#1570  Dollar General, Hoosick Falls, NY  3-21-20  11x14

#1572  Backhoe, Rte. 372  3-22-20  13x14

 #1574  Jay's Pizza, Greenwich, NY  3-25-20  11x12

#1575  Cumby's  3-26-20  12x16

 #1576  Price Chopper, Bennington, VT  3-27-20  12x16

 #1578  BDP industries, Greenwich, NY  3-31-20  12x16

There they are form March, thanks for looking!  

Finished January and February Paintings!

      January and February, the coldest months of the year, and this year, I had most of the studio insulated, sheet rocked, painted, and wired, by the end of February I was moving back in and set up! Here's the paintings I did:

#1548  Ollie by the Woodstove (NFS)  1-4-20  11x14

#1549  117th St. Troy, NY  1-9-20  12x16

 #1550  Elm St. Hoosick Falls, NY  1-19-20  8x10

#1551 Plains Rd.  1-20-20  9x12 SOLD

 #1552  Railroad Ave.  1-24-20 14x16

#1553  Sterling Market Johnson VT  1-29-20  9x12

And now, February:

#1554  Bennington Plaza  2-24-20  11x12

#1555  Water under the bridge,  Battenville, NY  2-26-20  14x11

    By February I was able to heat the place, which was great for the taping, painting and all that, so fun!   If you like something let me know, discounts on some paintings are huge!  Thanks!  

Monday, May 18, 2020

Finished November and December Paintings. 2019!

     Here are the paintings from November and December, there were only 2 done in December, with the studio project pressing all of my time. Here they are: 

#1538  Bowling Ally, Ft. Edward, NY  11-18-19  12x16

#1539  Depot St. Greenwich, NY  11-18-19  11x14

#1540  Snowy hill, C.R. 74 Greenwich, NY  11-21-19  9x12

#1541 Old bus, Akin Rd. Scaghticoke NY  11-23-19  11x14

#1542  Old Cambridge Rd.  11-25-19  14x16

#1543  Nolan Farm, White Creek, NY  11-26-19  16x18

#1544 Sneakers  11-28-19  9x12

#1545  Factory in late light.  11-29-19  8x10

#1546   Woodstove  12-2-19  9x12

#1547  Depot St. Greenwich NY.  12-28-19  12x11

       Well that's it for the last two months of 2019. Not bad, If you'd like a price on something let me know through the contact widget, and as always thanks for reading my blog! 

 Progress photos of my studio.