Monday, May 18, 2020

Finished November and December Paintings. 2019!

     Here are the paintings from November and December, there were only 2 done in December, with the studio project pressing all of my time. Here they are: 

#1538  Bowling Ally, Ft. Edward, NY  11-18-19  12x16

#1539  Depot St. Greenwich, NY  11-18-19  11x14

#1540  Snowy hill, C.R. 74 Greenwich, NY  11-21-19  9x12

#1541 Old bus, Akin Rd. Scaghticoke NY  11-23-19  11x14

#1542  Old Cambridge Rd.  11-25-19  14x16

#1543  Nolan Farm, White Creek, NY  11-26-19  16x18

#1544 Sneakers  11-28-19  9x12

#1545  Factory in late light.  11-29-19  8x10

#1546   Woodstove  12-2-19  9x12

#1547  Depot St. Greenwich NY.  12-28-19  12x11

       Well that's it for the last two months of 2019. Not bad, If you'd like a price on something let me know through the contact widget, and as always thanks for reading my blog! 

 Progress photos of my studio. 

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  1. I follow your work on Instagram I like your painting...Bravo