Thursday, November 12, 2020

Finished August Paintings


Here are the paintings from August, enjoy!

#1666  Palmer Pt. 4th Lake. 08-6-20  9x12

#1667  Monument Sq. Troy, NY  08-6-20  12x16

#1668  Arrowhead Park, Inlet, NY. 08-8-20  8x10

#1669  Big Moose Lake from Billy's Bald Spot,  08-9-20  14x16

 #1671  Whale Rock, Lake George.  08-12-20 14x16

#1672  Spa Park, Saratoga Springs, NY.  08-15-20  12x16

 #1673  Sculpture on SAW Hill. 08-18-20  8x10

#1674  Hannaford Parking Lot, Greenwich, NY  08-20-20 12x16

 #1675  Studio at night.  08-21-20  11x14

#1676  Gifford @ Beadle Hill Rd.  08-22-20  14x16

#1677  View from Saratoga Battle Monument.  08-23-20  14x16

#1678  2nd St.  08-24-20  11x14

#1680  Plains Rd.  08-28-20  9x12

         Thanks for looking at my paintings, they are for sale, my price list is on another page, let me know if you are interested in anything. I may consider reasonable offers, just use the contact widget! 

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