Monday, November 9, 2020

Finished July Paintings!

Finally the paintings from July are photographed and are here!  As of this publishing they are all available, I will mark them when sold. Please use the contact widget to inquire, there is a price list on it's own page, but please let me know what you're interested in. Thanks! 

 #1650 Main St. Greenwich, NY 7-2-20  11x12

#1652  Black Lives Matter, Jay St. Schenectady, NY  7-5-20  9x12

 #1654 Viking ship, Center Cambridge Rd.  7-11-20  9x12

 #1655  Bank parking lot  7-12-20  13x14

#1658 Temple St. Worcester, MA  07-17-20  11x12

#1659  Center Cambridge Rd. 7-18-20  12x16

 #1660  Eagle Bridge  07-21-20  11x12

#1663  Hay bales on King Rd.  07-27-20  9x12

#1664  Stump Church. 07-28-20  14x16   Sold!

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