Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Finished October Paintings


Cash, check, credit cards and Venmo accepted. 

     There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now and I'm thankful that I can paint. I'm getting ready for my open studio, so you may consider all of the following paintings part of my virtual open studio. Go back as far as you'd like, if you're interesting in getting a price on something let me know, just make note of the #. Some of the older paintings I may be able to offer at very low prices, I'd rather have them on your wall than my barn loft!  

    Here are the paintings from October:

 #1701  Chickens in late light.  10-1-20  8x10

  #1704  Tree and Marshmallows on Duel Hollow Rd.  10-6-20  11x14

 #1705  Drawing table.  10-7-20  9x12

 #1706  St. Joseph's Pl. Cohoes, NY.  10-8-20 11x12

#1707  2nd and Broad, Nocturne.  10-9-20  12x16

 #1708  Beekman St. Saratoga springs, NY.  10-10-20  12x16 SOLD!

#1709  Flower in bottle  10-12-20  8x6

#1711  108th St. Troy, NY.  10-15-20  11x12

 #1712  Wall in shadow on Ave. A.  10-17-20  12x16

#1714  West  Village Market, nocturne.  10-24-20  11x14

#1715  Easton Station Rd.  10-25-20  12x16

#1716  Backlots Hudson Falls. NY.  10-26-20  16x20

 #1717  Whiskey, flowers, pumpkin.  10-28-20  9x12

 #1718  Last stand of my saw.  10-29-20  9x12

 #1719  Old Graveyard, Salem, NY,  10-31-20  11x12

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