Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Finished November Paintings

         Here are the finished paintings from November, 2020. It seems so long ago, it wasn't,  Most of these are available, some are at the Laffer Gallery show "Mutual Harmony" March 27-May 2 (2021) I will post a link about this show, both the brick and mortar and the on-line version as soon as it's available.  Thanks! 

#1720  Oil and whiskey  11-3-20  7x10

Available at the Laffer Gallery

 #1722  Backlots from Linda's house,  11-5-20  13x14

 #1723  Hannaford Parking Lot  11-6-20  16x20

Available at the Laffer Gallery

#1724  House in Buskirk, NY.  11-7-20  14x16

 #1725  Yellow flower in bottle.  11-12-20  8x6

 #1726  The three graces at Happenchance Farm.  11-14-20 9x12

 #1728  John and Bleeker,  11-18-20  16x20

#1730  Yellow flower in whiskey bottle.  11-25-20  12x9

#1731  2nd St.(nocturne) 11-27-29  16x18

#1732  Whiskey in a glass.  11-27-20  8x6

 #1733  Lake St. Stillwater, NY.  11-29-28  13x14

      Well, that's most of the paintings from November, and they are available for sale. Let me know if you're interested or have any questions, price, availability, etc... Please use the contact widget, thanks! 

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