Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Finished December Paintings

 Here are the finished paintings from December, 2020!

December 2020 seems like a long time ago, 6 months, but what a ride it's been, and once again my life is changing and I'm excited by everything that's coming, so hold onto your hats, and take a look at this group of paintings, they are for sale, so message me for price and details, Thanks!  

 #1733a  Midway Plaza  12-2-20  16x20

#1734  Stewart's at Night  12-7-20  11x14

 #1736  Port of Albany, Smith and Grain St.  12-10-20  12x16

 #1737 Poinsettia 12-14-20

 #1738  Willow St. Hoosick Falls, NY  12-15-20  12x16

 #1739  Studio window in snowstorm  12-17-20 9x12

  #1740  Spring and Washington St.  12-18-20  9x12

#1741  Lake St. 12-19-20  16x18

  #1743  Cumby's Greenwich, NY  12-26-20  9x12

 #1744  Damar varnish  12-26-20  8x6

 #1745  Lower Classic St. Hoosick Fall, NY.  12-27-20  11x12

  #1746 Hannaford parking lot, Greenwich, NY  12-30-20  13x14