Thursday, July 29, 2021

Clement Art Galley, Troy NY, Opens Tomorrow!


Friday, July 30th 6-8 PM. 

Clement Art Gallery, 210 Broadway, Troy, NY

All Welcome! 

I will have 30 paintings along with Allan Gallagher's ceramics

Here are some of the paintings:

Thanks for looking!  

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  1. Nice work Matt. The top one is especially cute!
    Not sure about other folk, but I have issues loading the link to your pages when I receive your email.
    It is 'unsecure' perhaps? Or some other warning anyway.
    What I do is remove all the text after '' and then it will load.
    It's possibly because it is not 'https' ('s' stands for 'secure' I believe).
    Just letting you know! Maybe I have some weird settings going on.
    All the best!