The Canal Project

My quest:                 To paint the locks, and other cool stuff along the New York State Canal.

My reasons:             Because it's there!

My method:             I paint on site, Maybe I'll do some larger paintings in the studio.

My schedule:           I hope to complete the project by October, 2018.

Itinerary:                 Day trips for nearby locations, 2,3 and 4 day trips for westerly locations.

          I've been smitten by the locks as subject for painting; there are dark darks, light lights, industrial edges and natural reflection.   On so many levels this project will give me  some wonderful opportunities to explore what I love: painting great scenes in cool places.

          My focus will be on making the best paintings I can, while exploring the subject, I hope to include some scenes along the canal, the countryside, towns, cities and industrial sites. I'm not planning on this being a traveling adventure, but an exploration of the visual subject.  I'll drive around, mostly, and endeavor to paint  a certain area within each short trip.

          I would love to show the work anywhere along the way, this could be during or after the project,  If you'd like to meet me, show my work, or buy a painting just use the contact widget!


            These are paintings of locks and some places along or near the canal, there are some more out there, but you get the idea. It's how this project got a foothold, these were haphazardly over the last few years, and a big obsession.